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Philip has been working with cameras since 2008 and has been a Steadicam Operator since 2010. In lieu of going to film school, he learned on set, starting on low budget projects with skeleton crews. Since then, he has shot a variety of projects including music videos, commercials, and live events. He now primarily works on feature films as a Steadicam / Camera Operator.






Steadicam Operator, "Killer Cheerleader" RED Epic - Feature (Tom Shell)
B-Cam Operator, "Breach" RED Scarlett - Feature (John Suits)
Steadicam Operator, "Erin's Garden" RED Epic - Feature (Brian Skiba)
Steadicam / B-Cam Operator, "The Doctor Will Kill You Now" RED Epic - Feature (Rob Pallatina)
Steadicam / B-Cam Operator, "Zombie Tidal Wave" RED Epic - Feature (Anthony Ferrante)
Steadicam / A-Cam Operator, "Fear Pharm" RED Dragon - Feature (Dante Yore)
Steadicam / B-Cam Operator, "Rent An Elf" RED Epic - Feature (Nick Lyon)
Steadicam Operator, "Country Christmas Album" RED Dragon - Feature (Danny Buday)
Steadicam Operator, "His Sunrise" RED Dragon - Feature (Waymon Boone)
Steadicam Operator, "Paradise Prey" RED Helium - Feature (Brian Skiba)
Steadicam Operator, "Alone We Fight" RED Dragon - Feature (Justin Lee)
Steadicam Operator, "Megalodon" RED Epic - Feature (James Thomas)
Steadicam Operator, "Find My Daughter" RED Dragon - Feature (Brian Skiba)
Steadicam Operator, "Baselines" RED Epic - Web Series (Nate Parker)
Camera Operator, "Atlantic Rim 2" RED Dragon - Feature (Jared Cohn)
Camera Operator, “Freehab” Canon 5D Mkiii – Commercial (FOR GOOD)
Steadicam Operator, “Pop-Up Santa” Canon C300 – Promo (Freeform)
Steadicam Operator, “End Game” Canon 5D Mkiii – Short Film (Nicholas Acosta)
Camera Operator, “Dreadspace” Sony FS7 – Short Film (AFI)
Steadicam Operator, “Forest Screening” Sony a7S ii – Promo (Freeform)
Camera Operator, “No Respect for the Dead” RED Scarlett – Feature (Edward Plumb)
Camera Operator, “Run Like Hell” Canon 60D – Feature (James Thomas)



RED DSMC2 Carbon Fiber Helium 8K S35 Camera

DSMC2 RED® Touch 7.0" LCD (Aluminum)

DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander

DSMC2 Jetpack-SDI Expander

PL Mount 2.0 [Stealth]

DSMC2 Al Leica M Mount (Captive)

DSMC2 Al Canon EF Mount (Captive)


2x RED MINI-MAG Hard cases


DSMC2 Modular Assault Plate Pack

RED Quick Release Platform (Mini)

RED Quick Release Platform (Bolt On)

DSMC2 Low Light Optimized OLPF

DSMC2 Battery Belt Clip

DSMC2 Universal Handle

DSMC2 Side Handle

DSMC2 Side Control Panel

DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor A

DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor B

LCD/EVF Cable Right-to-Straight 18"

4-Pin XLR-to-DSMC® Power Cable 30"

SKB Soft case

SKB iSeries Waterproof case

Proline Raven Steady Rig

MustHD 7” Ultra-Bright Monitor

2x Gold Mount 230WH Batteries

2x Gold Mount 150WH Batteries

D-tap to Lemo Power Cable for RED DSMC 1+2

D-tap to Lemo Power Cable for Arri Alexa Mini

Gold Mount to 4-pin XLR Adapter

V-Mount to Gold Mount Adapter

Compact C-Stand

15lb Sand Bag

iM2975 Storm Case

Hard Shell Case

Cinegears Ghost Eye 600M Wireless Video Transmitter (1:1)

2x 14dbi Paddle Antennas

2x 5dbi Circular Polarized Antennas

3x 8dbi Standard Antennas

2x 2dbi Short Antennas

2x Low-Profile SDI Cables

2x Power Cables

SmallRig  Double Ballhead

Cinegears Hard Case

Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus

3x Nucleus-M motors

8x 18650 Batteries

Run/Stop Cable for RED DSMC2

Run/Stop Cable for Arri Alexa Mini

Tilta Hard Case

Pelican 1120 Case

SmallHD 702 Bright 7” Monitor

Director’s Cage

Gold Mount Battery Plate

2x Gold Mount 150WH Batteries

Manfrotto Monitor Stand

SmallHD 702 Sunhood

Pelican 1400 Case

Pelican 1200 Case


Camtree Rosette Handle Grips

2x Noga Arms

2x Husky Run Bags

Camera Coffin with Furney Pad

Rode VideoMicro Compact Mic

4x6’ Pop Up

Misc Weather supplies

Coming Soon:

Helix Jr Roll Cage Horizon Gimbal

Tilta MB-T12 4x5.65 Carbon Fiber Matte Box 

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